Fiona Kearns

Perform Confidently

Fiona helps you eliminate wishy-washy language and speak with substance so that you can make an impact in meetings.

  • Would you like to speak with authority so you can make a difference?
  • Do you need the confidence to speak up?
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Speaking with authority – confidence and authority

Fiona provides you with the tools and strategies to speak up confidently to achieve in leadership roles.

Speak Confidently

Public speaking is a skill, that once mastered, enables your confidence in other areas.

Check out my Confident Public Speaking package.

Path to Promotion

Are you tired of working hard without recognition?

Are you seeing others less skilled, intelligent and capable people getting promoted ahead of you?

Are you sick of not be able to contribute properly?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you need help getting a promotion.  Waiting will not work. Working harder will not work and giving up isn’t a solution either.

If you’re fully committed to making a change and want to get that promotion that you deserve, then let’s work together to get you promoted. Yes, I’m serious. If you are ready to start doing something constructive about it then you will get that promotion. Definitely.

To learn more about my Path to Promotion package, click on this link.