What I do?

I work mainly with women and businesses who want to communicate better.

I have developed a number of workshops and packages that you may find of interest.


Fiona Kearns What I Do - Workshops

Beat the Boardroom Bias

Leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of Unconscious Bias and a tool-kit for managing it at boardroom level.

Leadership Development

This workshop helps organisations and women design the environment for outstanding leadership.

Managing Bias

This workshop works by helping you uncover and eliminate bias so you get broader participation from a group and to ensure the best people come through as leaders using the works of experienced authors and psychological research.

Speak Up Confidently seminars

This very popular seminar covers lots of things but the one most in demand is how to deal with tricky questions. Think about your most nightmarish questions…….and now imagine knowing how to deal with it confidently.

Success factors of women-led SMEs

An interesting workshop looking at the barriers and success factors for business leaders.


Before A Conference/Concert (Microphone In Front Of Empty Chairs)

Path to Promotion

This package is a 1:1 professional development programme tailored to your specific needs, to your specific work environment and adopts a very practical view. The process is simple, we explore your behavioural and leadership style, we map the path to promotion and we work together to bridge the gap.

If you would like to know more, then click on this link.

Public Speaking

Speaking in public is a major fear for many people. However, with the right skills, preparation and practice is doesn’t have to be. In this package, i work with you on a 1:1 basis, helping you work past the barriers that prevent you performing confidently.