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Business & Occupational Psychology Researcher Leadership | Business Psychology | Public Speaking Fiona Kearns MSc MABP is a business executive and coach experienced in helping individuals and organisations achieve their potential. She is also a member of the Association for

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What I do

What I do? I work mainly with women and businesses who want to communicate better. I have developed a number of workshops and packages that you may find of interest.

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performing confidently

Performing Confidently

Fiona helps you perform confidently whether that means doing better in your work or business or simply presenting yourself in the way you want.

Confident Public Speaking Package

Confident Public Speaking Package

Does the thought of public speaking cause you to break out in a sweat? Is your fear of speaking up holding you back? Do you wonder what it would be like to be more confident when communicating with others?

Path to promotion package

Are you tired of working hard without recognition? Are you seeing others less skilled, intelligent and capable people getting promoted ahead of you?

Would you like to feel more confident?

Then grab your free copy of my ebook and learn 10 things you need to know to Increase your Confidence

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