Are you one of the many business leaders struggling to grow your business as you are caught up in day to day firefighting rather than bringing in big deals and delivering on your business strategy?

You are not alone and it’s important to remember there is help here for you.


As a business and organisational psychologist, I work with individuals and teams within organisations to improve organisational effectiveness, productivity, performance and communication. Two very common areas that needlessly eat up time include:


Managing Performance: If you’re constantly dealing with people issues rather than working on your business, let me help you get it under control so you can be the effective business leader you need to be

Team Conflict: If you’re finding your teams aren’t working together or worse are working against each other, then I can help your team to perform at the levels you need.

Stop wasting time on unproductive tasks and start to make the adjustments needed to take your business to the next level.

About the author:

Fiona Kearns is an Organisational and Business Psychologist, coach and executive that helps individuals, teams and organisations improve productivity using an evidenced based approach designed to deliver optimum results. Fiona achieved an MSc from Kingston University, London and is a volunteer with the Association of Business Psychology (ABP) who is particularly interested in Business, Psychology, Leadership, Public Speaking, Performance & the impact of Unconscious Bias in leadership.





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Fiona Kearns

Fiona is an Occupational and Business Psychology researcher completing her MSc in Kingston University, London and is interested in Business, Psychology, Leadership, Speaking & Politics. Specialist Interest: Unconscious Bias and Leadership Fiona Kearns is a public speaking Specialist and an ICT business executive and experienced in delivering on KPI’s. As a coach, Fiona is skilled in questioning; challenging, delivering feedback and helping individuals speak up confidently. Within the ICT field, she specialises in developing and translating ideas into completed projects making informed decisions based on strategic vision and commercial analysis.

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